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Motivate. Move. Monitor.

ARWell PRO is an Accessible and Immersive Exercise Tool for Health Care Professionals and Patients

Welcome to ARWell Pro

We make exercise and movement fun! With the ARWell PRO app for clinicians, we’re changing the experience of exercise for healthcare providers and their patients.

ARWell PRO is an augmented reality exercise tool for healthcare providers to motivate, monitor, and prescribe gamified exercise programs to their patients of all ages and ability levels in the hospital, clinic and at home.

Movement Should Be Fun & Accessible for All

ARWell PRO was designed by a physical therapist with the most complex patients in mind to improve the experience and adherence to exercise for better outcomes overall.

Games are designed to support balance, strengthening, coordination and endurance. Our wellness activities include 3D worlds where you can fly, obstacle courses, skiing, surfing and other exercise experiences like memory cards and yoga.

Accessible Technology

ARWell PRO uses Augment Therapy’s proprietary MOCAST® technology combined with full skeletal tracking to control the app without the need for wearables.

Gamified exercises in augmented reality environments are easily accessible via your favorite iOS tablet or phone.

Easy Progress Monitoring

Within our evidence-based exercise experiences, patient movements are tracked directly within the app.

Healthcare providers can monitor their patients' progress remotely through our therapist portal.

The Benefits of PRO

+ Enhance outcomes through engaging SMART (HEP) Home Exercise Programs 
+ Increase movement opportunities for inpatients without increased staff burden 
+ Telehealth engagement can reduce missed appointments and improve patient retention
Clinicians can implement a new revenue stream with (RTM) Remote Therapeutic Monitoring
+ Multiple language options include:
English, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Arabic and Ukrainian. 

ARWell PRO uses the front camera on your iOS device.

The app is best utilized on an iPad. Users can also use an iPhone with an external monitor or TV. 

The app requires wifi access


Three-game demo is FREE
For clinical subscription pricing, contact 

Disclaimer: ARWell PRO and ARWell applications are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare providers.  

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