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Designed by a pediatric physical therapist, Augment Therapy is an all-in-one solution to engage, motivate, and monitor kids needing therapeutic exercise. Whether you’re practicing in-clinic, via telehealth, or need a new tool for home exercise program monitoring, we’re here to help!

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Therapeutic Exercise

Designed by a physical therapist, Augment Therapy includes a library of evidence-based exercises and interactive games using augmented reality for engagement.

Objective Data Collection

Step count, repetitions, hand movements, duration, and other metrics are collected behind the scenes, with no wearable sensors required. Usage logs, including session start and end time and time on task support billing and reimbursement.

One Solution, For Every Setting

Monthly subscription includes unlimited patients and sessions and can be used for in-clinic, telehealth, and home exercise program prescription and monitoring.

HIPAA & COPPA Compliant

HIPAA and COPPA compliant without added cost (BAAs and patient consent obtained).

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Designed by a physical therapist

Lindsay Watson PT, MPT

Augment Therapy CEO & Co-Founder

“After nearly 20 years as a physical therapist, I noticed many different technological solutions on the market that didn’t truly solve the problems my pediatric patients or myself were experiencing.  I knew that technology would help extend my reach and better engage my gaming-motivated patients, but falsely believed my only real ‘super power’ was my hands.  I thought that integrating technology into my treatments might somehow devalue my skills as a therapist.  But well-designed technology doesn’t do that.  Clinician-driven technology can truly support care delivery AND care experience.  And that is why I decided to create Augment Therapy.  It supports the needs of the therapist, the patient and their families like no other software has ever done.  It’s about time.”

Loved by Therapists, Parents, and Kids

The amount of engagement that pediatric patients experience with the video format, and seeing themselves on the screen, is amazing!  One of the first patients I used it with was so ‘into it’ that she forgot that she was standing on a single leg for so long; she had never done that before. Another patient who was wheelchair-bound actually worked up a sweat, happily, and his Mom reported that he had never enjoyed PT in the past.

Elizabeth Hockey, PT, Physical Therapist at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital

“I like that this therapy is like a game instead of exercise.”

Maya, 10-year-old Augment Therapy User

“Augment Therapy is amazing! It’s a way to get your child to move without being a nagging mom! Even when Maya isn’t feeling up to it, she still gets out of bed when the screen comes in. Within minutes there’s a smile on Maya’s face! Her mood changes almost instantly. I am ever so thankful that Maya has the opportunity to experience this amazing therapy!”

Rhoda, Mother of a child with Osteosarcoma

“When we were doing teletherapy for COVID-19 distance learning through Zoom or Google Meet, we had some productive PT sessions, but it was difficult to keep my students in the camera where I could see them. Augment Therapy also allows me to watch them doing the activities I choose for them, and the avatar does the demonstrations for me, so I don’t have to keep running back to get far enough away from the computer for them to see my model, then run back up to see them doing the exercise.”

Amy Pratt PT, MPT, School-based Physical Therapist

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We know you’ll love Augment Therapy, but don’t take our word for it. Try it free for 30 days!