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An augmented reality exercise program to help providers engage, monitor, and promote movement

For everyone, everywhere.


Designed for Providers,
By a Provider

In her twenty plus years as a physical therapist, our co-founder Lindsay Watson PT, MPT found one of the most difficult aspects of her job was keeping patients engaged and motivated.

Seeing limited options on the market, she decided to create Augment Therapy to address this gap in the market - therapy software that is both fun for kids (and adults!) and effective for providers.

Augment Therapy

In Action

Engagement Everywhere

Augment Therapy is designed to excite patients and assist therapists across the full care continuum

Inpatient: Improve Patient and Parent Satisfaction; Reduce Patient Length of Stay

Outpatient/Telehealth: Reduce Missed Appointments; Improve Patient Retention

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring: Implement a New Revenue Stream; Billing Codes New for 2022

Research Backed

Augment Therapy leverages an evidence based approach to creating exciting experiences for individuals to produce positive outcomes

Games for All Ages

Over 40 exercises and games for PT and OT to keep therapy sessions interesting and exciting

Objective Data Collection

Automatically tracks biomechanical data through motion capture technology already on your smartphone or tablet

No Wearables

For easier use and application; especially with sensitive populations

Multi Language Support

Currently available in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Ukranian; Other languages available upon request

Unlimited Sessions

Use your therapist software license with unlimited patients, for unlimited sessions across inpatient, outpatient, telehealth and remote therapeutic monitoring

HIPAA Compliant

Built with best practices for healthcare patient privacy

What our users are saying

“I like that this therapy is like a game instead of exercise.”

Patient, Age 10
“Augment Therapy is amazing! It’s a way to get your child to move without being a nagging mom! Even when Maya isn’t feeling up to it, she still gets out of bed when the screen comes in."

“The amount of engagement that pediatric patients experience is amazing! One patient who was wheelchair-bound actually worked up a sweat, happily, and his Mom reported that he had never enjoyed PT in the past."

Licensed Physical Therapist
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