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About Us

Augment Therapy was founded in 2017 when CEO Lindsay Watson, a pediatric physical therapist from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, was searching for a way to solve the problems she was experiencing in her own physical therapy practice. Lindsay had spent years criss-crossing Geauga County, Ohio, and was frustrated with the inefficiency of treating kids once a week, with no way to help them exercise on a daily basis for faster progress. Lindsay set out to find a way to encourage and motivate them to exercise and Augment Therapy was born.

In 2018, Lindsay met CTO Steve Blake, a computer programmer from Pittsfield, New Hampshire. As co-founders they have developed an interactive platform that maintains the integrity of physical therapy exercises, while also motivating kids by using the medium they are most comfortable in – technology.

Product Overview

Augment Therapy is an interactive software that uses the medium of augmented reality to engage kids to exercise. Using depth-sensing camera technology, Augment Therapy functions as a motivational tool, exercise prompt, and progress tracker for children needing therapeutic exercise – with no headsets or other wearables required. It can be used in the hospital and clinical setting or in the home environment – any place where added motivation is needed.

Augment Therapy looks like a game to the child, but solves real problems of exercise adherence – its portability and anywhere/anytime access make the completion of daily therapeutic exercise simple, convenient, and fun!

Awards and Recognition

November 2019

Cleveland HomeGrown Heroes

Winner for Augmented Reality

May 2019

Youngstown Business Incubator Shark Tank

First Place

April 2019

Medical Capital Innovation Competition

XR Innovation in Health Care

Third Place

December 2017

Innovation Fund of America

GLIDE A and B awards

Recent Press

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