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About Us

At Augment Therapy, we are pioneering technology to improve the delivery of pediatric physical therapy. Through our innovative software, therapists are given tools to accumulate and analyze objective data while their patients are immersed in customized augmented reality-based exercises.

Lindsay Watson PT, MPT
Lindsay Watson PT, MPTCEO
Lindsay Watson PT, MPT has been a physical therapist for the past 16 years, with 13 of those years specializing in pediatrics. In 2017, Lindsay founded Augment Therapy to solve problems she was experiencing with her own pediatric patients – like poor adherence to exercise and a lack of engagement.

Lindsay has led her company to win both the A and B awards through GLIDE/Innovation Fund of America, and went on to be the first Cleveland-based company accepted into Plug And Play, Cleveland’s accelerator program. She was also named one of Crain’s Notable Women in Technology for 2018. Lindsay lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.

Steve Blake
Steve BlakeCTO
Steve Blake is a software developer and entrepreneur specializing in augmented reality and virtual reality. Steve’s career in the tech industry has spanned over 30 years, with the last 8 years focused primarily on creating literacy software and animated content for children with Lexia Learning Systems. Steve’s work as a software developer is supplemented by his background in music composition which he uses to facilitate engagement, particularly in software meant for children.

Steve is passionate about motivating children through music and believes that kids aren’t given enough credit for their open and sophisticated musical taste. Even the youngest children respond positively to “classical” music and instruments and are fascinated by music from different cultures. Once exposed to quality emotionally charged music, they can’t get enough!