Product Uses & Updates

AR’s Accessibility for Children with Disabilities

One of the most popular features of our Augment Therapy app are virtual worlds. In these games, children explore fantasy settings such as “Castleton”, “Candyland”, and “Western Town.” No matter their physical limitations, kids can virtually fly, jump and run … Read More

Augment Therapy Version 5.1 Release Notes

Version 5.1 of Augment Therapy is now available for download! Thanks to your feedback, this release includes some new features, greatly improved tracking, and a number of bug fixes… … Read More

Therapists Take to Augment Therapy with Zeal

Among the earliest adopters of Augment Therapy is Elizabeth Hockey. Elizabeth has almost 40 years of experience as a physical therapist, 27 of which were spent as Pediatric Rehab Director at the Rainbow… … Read More

Gamification Multiple Patient Experiences

Therapy can be tough for kids. But what if therapy could be more like a game? In developing Augment Therapy, we made it our goal to “gamify” physical therapy, and we think we’ve succeeded. But don’t take our word for … Read More

Augment Therapy: At Home & In Clinic

Did you know that Augment Therapy can be used to create programs for in-clinic or home use? It’s true. With Augment Therapy, a therapist can generate engaging, interactive exercise programs tailored to an individual child. Step count, hand count, active … Read More

Encouraging Therapy Engagement in Schools

Physical therapist, Amy Pratt, received a grant funded by Ohio Collaborative for Educating Remotely and Transforming Education, to further the use of Augment Therapy at Montgomery County ESC School District. The grant helped provide Augment Therapy subscriptions for ten therapists … Read More