Digital Health Industry News

Insurers Address Digital Health Connectivity Gap

In her timely article in Stat, Katie Palmer writes, “Billions of dollars have been poured into telehealth during the pandemic: Insurers loosened the purse strings on virtual appointments, digital health companies pulled in astronomical investments, and the public markets minted … Read More

AR’s Accessibility for Children with Disabilities

One of the most popular features of our Augment Therapy app are virtual worlds. In these games, children explore fantasy settings such as “Castleton”, “Candyland”, and “Western Town.” No matter their physical limitations, kids can virtually fly, jump and run … Read More

Health Systems Plan for Additional Digital Health Investment

The pandemic has accelerated the need for novel approaches to healthcare delivery for traditionally underserved groups such as children, the low-income, and those living in rural communities. We believe digital healthcare is a way to bridge the gap. A recent … Read More