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Therapists Take to Augment Therapy with Zeal

Among the earliest adopters of Augment Therapy is Elizabeth Hockey. Elizabeth has almost 40 years of experience as a physical therapist, 27 of which were spent as Pediatric Rehab Director at the Rainbow… … Read More

Tommy’s Patient Experience

Twelve-year-old Tommy is a small-town Ohio boy who lives a life of almost constant therapy. Tommy has Down Syndrome and was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder at a young age. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy have all played … Read More

Gamification Multiple Patient Experiences

Therapy can be tough for kids. But what if therapy could be more like a game? In developing Augment Therapy, we made it our goal to “gamify” physical therapy, and we think we’ve succeeded. But don’t take our word for … Read More

Augment Therapy: At Home & In Clinic

Did you know that Augment Therapy can be used to create programs for in-clinic or home use? It’s true. With Augment Therapy, a therapist can generate engaging, interactive exercise programs tailored to an individual child. Step count, hand count, active … Read More

Introducing Ontario

The Augment Therapy team is pleased to welcome Ontario Britton, who has recently joined us as a software analyst. He’s a front-end mobile prototyper and developer with a passion for games and apps. Ontario studied computer science and music at … Read More

Meet Maya

Maya is an adept, inventive ten-year-old who loves to be in motion. She’s an avid gymnast with a passion for arts and crafts, and an aspiration to be a wedding dress designer.  In 2019, Maya experienced a sudden pain in … Read More