Augment Therapy Rebrands Core Product as ARWell PRO and Introduces ARWell for General Wellness 

ARWell PRO is an accessible and immersive augmented reality exercise tool for healthcare providers to motivate, monitor, and prescribe gamified exercise programs to their patients of all ages and ability levels in the hospital, clinic and at home.

CLEVELAND, OH, October 16, 2023 – Augment Therapy®, a digital health company enhancing rehabilitative healthcare through accessible and immersive gamified technology, is launching two applications to support providers, patients and wellness users on their rehabilitative healthcare journey.  

Previously, the company’s core product was implemented under the name Augment Therapy and is rebranding to ARWell PRO with updated features and capabilities. ARWell is a completely new wellness offering for the general public. ARWell PRO is intended for healthcare providers to engage and monitor their patients’ physical activity performance in the hospital, clinic and at home while ARWell provides gamified exercises and wellness activities with no prescription required.  

Leveraging MOCAST®, the company’s proprietary technology, both applications uniquely combine full-body skeletal tracking and augmented reality-based interactive content in a 3D format designed to maximize movement. The company believes movement in all settings should be fun & accessible for all individuals with differing physical and cognitive abilities. Immersing users in the future of movement and wellness, Augment Therapy is making physical activity easily achieved through simply using a tablet or phone. The company reinforces that incremental improvements in movement can make a big impact on an individual’s overall wellness. 

ARWell PRO is an accessible and immersive augmented reality exercise tool for healthcare providers to motivate, monitor, and prescribe gamified exercise programs to their patients of all ages and ability levels in the hospital, clinic and at home. It was designed by a physical therapist specifically with the most complex patients in mind to improve the experience and adherence to exercise for better outcomes and consumption of care overall. Including evidence-based exercise experiences, patient movements are tracked and remote monitored directly within the app while patients feel immersed in interactive environments. Clinicians can build and assign customized gamified programs for their patients directly in the app, or even leverage telehealth for an engaging remote session. Games and activities include whole body, as well as lower and upper extremity focused exercises that can be done from a wheelchair, or in a standing position.   

ARWell products empower movement through wellness games designed for all cognitive and physical ability levels. Games are designed to support general wellness, balance, strengthening, coordination and endurance. Activities include 3D worlds where users can fly, experience obstacle courses, skiing, surfing and other exercise experiences. Games are powered by the users’ own body so, there’s no bulky wearables needed. Language options include English, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Arabic and Ukranian.   


“I’m excited to finally share the release of our new digital products. Our core product was previously known and loved as Augment Therapy and we can’t wait to deliver that same experience with updated capabilities in ARWell PRO. And with the launch of ARWell directly to families and general wellness users, we are finally bridging the gaps in care with something built to be accessible for all. ARWell has interactive games and activities that are founded on the same evidence-based exercises rehab professionals use in their practice. Creating easily accessible products that provide a high level of engagement through gamified technology has been our objective all along and I’m thrilled to see it visualized through these two new apps,” said Lindsay Watson, PT, MPT, CEO and Co-Founder of Augment Therapy. 

ARWell PRO Benefits  

  • Enhance outcomes through engaging SMART (HEP) Home Exercise Programs  
  • Increase movement opportunities for in-patients without increased staff burden  
  • Reduces inpatient length of stay and increases patient and parent satisfaction  
  • Reduces missed appointments and improves patient retention for outpatient and telehealth   
  • Clinicians can implement a new revenue stream with (RTM) Remote Therapeutic Monitoring  

ARWell Benefits 

  • Designed for all ages and ability levels 
  • Provides some of the same evidence-based exercises rehab professionals use in their practice 
  • Games are powered by the users’ body as no bulky wearables are needed   
  • Engage the entire family in fun interactive games and exercises 

ARWell PRO Pricing  

  • Three game demo is FREE  

ARWell Pricing  

  • Three game demo is FREE  

Set Up  

  • ARWell PRO and ARWell use the front camera on your iOS device. (Android version coming soon.) 
  • Apps are best utilized on an iPad in horizontal mode. Apps can also be used on an iPhone with an external monitor or TV.  
  • The following devices are compatible:  iPhone XR and XS (10) Series, iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11 Series, iPhone 12 Series, iPhone 13 Series, iPad 8th Generation, iPad 9th Generation, iPad Pro 11 (2019 or 2020), iPad Pro 12 (2020), iPad Air 4th Gen  
  • Requirements:  WiFi access  
  • Recommended for optimal viewing:  Screen mirroring to a TV  



ARWell PRO and ARWell applications are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare providers.  


About Augment Therapy     

Augment Therapy® is an award-winning digital health company that engages people of all ages and ability levels in immersive, gamified exercise from hospital to home. The company’s applications include ARWell PRO, intended for healthcare providers and their patients, and ARWell, for general wellness exercise with no prescription required. Leveraging MOCAST®, the company’s proprietary technology, ARWell and ARWell PRO offer a unique combination of full-body skeletal tracking and augmented reality-based games and exercises accessible for healthcare providers, their patients, and wellness users to extend outside of the healthcare experience. Utilizing a tablet or phone, ARWell products improve the exercise experience and offer healthcare providers a solution to better engage their patients while easily monitoring progress at any time. Valuable user data and analytics are built into both products. ARWell PRO has received SOC 2® Type 2 approval and is HIPAA & COPPA compliant.  


Augment Therapy was co-founded by CEO, Lindsay Watson, a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience and CTO, Steve Blake, a 30-year medical and tech-education software expert. Incorporated in 2018, Augment Therapy is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2023, Augment Therapy was selected as a finalist for AWE’s Auggie Awards, the most recognized AR & VR industry awards and a quarterfinalist for the Digital Health Awards recognizing the achievements of innovative health tech companies improving healthcare. Augment Therapy was also the recipient of the prestigious Unity for Humanity award in 2022. 

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