Augment Therapy Version 5.1 Release Notes

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Version 5.1 of Augment Therapy is now available for download! Thanks to your feedback, this release includes some new features, greatly improved tracking, and a number of bug fixes.

A few of our most exciting changes:
  1. We’ve added an experimental Air Writing task as well as the ability to select the level of difficulty for our Flying 3D worlds.
  2. With improved tracking, you no longer need to enter the child’s height and can easily check that they’re being tracked correctly by selecting “show skeleton” in the options window.
  3. We’ve also fixed some bugs that were preventing snow globe and standing tolerance from being used in telehealth or home program mode.

For full details of this release, keep reading!

Want to see a few of the new features in action? Check out this video:


What do you need to do?

If your device is managed through your organization, make sure that it is on and connected to the internet so that the new version can be downloaded. If you have any kids using telehealth or home exercise programs, make sure that they do the same so their version will be updated. If you have any pre-saved programs, check them to make sure that the correct number of repetitions is selected.

New features

Flying and Castleton

Flying tutorial in Castleton.

We heard from you that flying and collecting stars in our 3D worlds was difficult for a lot of kids. Now you can select easy, medium, or hard in both Flying and Castleton! We’ve also added a flying “tutorial” at the beginning of each flying experience and have made the stars more sensitive so kids can collect them just by flying close to them. We hope you’ll try it out and let us know what you think!

Air Writing

After speaking with occupational therapists, we began working on our new Air Writing task. In this task therapists select letters for kids to practice writing in the air. This task is still in experimental mode and we would love your feedback. If you would like to use Air Writing, please contact us!

Exiting a 3D World

In free-play mode or when “unlimited” time is selected, all 3D worlds have a yellow “exit” that can be walked/flown through to exit the world.

Patient Accessibility

In the hospital setting, all therapists in a clinic can now use all patients, so that multiple therapists can use Augment Therapy with the same patient.

Patient Height

Patient height is no longer required – you will no longer be reminded to check the patient height when you log in.

Show skeleton

If you’re not sure if your patient is being tracked properly, turn on the skeleton! The skeleton can be accessed in the options menu and can help you to figure out if something else is being tracked instead of the patient.

Low Color and No Music Mode

If your patient needs less stimulation, you can select “low color” or “no music” mode from the options menu.



We’ve made some major updates to the tracking that have greatly improved the tracking of the feet. This is especially noticeable in the walking 3D worlds, March in Place, and Single Limb Stance.

Data Collection for Jump Height & Distance

With our new tracking, the measurements for jump height and jump distance are much more accurate. You can check this data in the therapist portal!

Addition of colored circles on ankles to show proper tracking

We’ve added colored circles to the ankles during Single Limb Stance, March in Place, Rocket Launcher, Run in Place, and Seated Long Arc Quad. These colored circles will light up “red” if the legs are too close. When the legs are at the correct distance for tracking to work, they will turn green.


When selecting an exercise, you can now select the precise number of repetitions you would like by clicking the up-and-down arrows.

Puddle Jumper and Jump Forward Instructions

The “None” instruction selection for Puddle Jumper and Jump Forward has been shortened and clarified.

Patient List Names

In order to improve privacy, the patient list now includes the first two letters of the last name, followed by the first name. For example, Theodore Frog would be rendered as “Fr, Theodore”.

Punch Ball

The ball in punch ball has been updated from a soccer ball to a beachball.

Surveys when logged in as a patient

The “survey” option has been removed when logged in as a patient in magic hands mode, so that children can complete their exercises without needing to access the device or a keyboard.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a few bugs in telehealth and home programs where snow globe and standing tolerance weren’t working.
  • We fixed a bug in avatar guitar by removing the robot who was playing the guitar and replacing it with the child’s own image.

What’s next?

In our upcoming releases we’ll be including an updated interface, increased functionality for the yoga exercise, and a few new tasks. If you have any suggestions, requests, or questions, please contact us!