Tommy’s Patient Experience

Twelve-year-old Tommy is a small-town Ohio boy who lives a life of almost constant therapy. Tommy has Down Syndrome and was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder at a young age. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy have all played a major role in allowing Tommy to do the things he loves, such as soccer, swimming, and playing with his younger brother. But therapy isn’t always readily accessible in Tommy’s hometown.


Augment Therapy has made sure that Tommy has access to physical therapy that’s fun and engaging. Indeed, Tommy was an early adopter of Augment Therapy’s beta version. He got hooked up with the technology through Therapy and Wellness Connection, a trusted physical therapy provider in Brecksville. Now Tommy’s exercises became explorations of Augment Therapy’s vast, virtual landscapes, where he could go running with cheetahs and bounding alongside kangaroos.


But Tommy was met with another hurdle when Therapy and Wellness Connection had to close its doors due to COVID-19. How could kids like Tommy get treatment while housebound during the pandemic? How could therapists engage kids like Tommy from afar?

The answer was Augment Therapy’s new telehealth option. This technology allows Tommy’s therapist to operate the Augment Therapy software from a remote location. Now Tommy can receive therapy in the comfort of his own home. He can still hurry headlong with the cheetahs and the kangaroos—and in his own living room, no less. And when Tommy successfully completes his exercises, he can bask in the fireworks display cascading down from his ceiling.

Tommy is proof positive that Augment Therapy makes physical therapy easier for kids anywhere, even during a pandemic. Augment Therapy helps therapists reach kids no matter where they may be, and no matter what obstacles might stand in their way.

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