Welcome Ontario!

The Augment Therapy team is pleased to welcome Ontario Britton, who has recently joined us as a software analyst. He’s a front-end mobile prototyper and developer with a passion for games and apps. Ontario studied computer science and music at Brigham Young University, where he dreamed of working for Pixar or ILM.

Ontario fell in love with the iPhone upon its release. For the past 14 years, he has dedicated himself to developing iPhone apps and games, including projects based in augmented reality. In that time, his games have had millions of downloads, and he’s garnered some of the industry’s highest recognition for iOS developers. He’s also had the opportunity to serve as a lead mobile software trainer at an Apple-authorized training center in NYC, where he boot-camped a hundred-plus students across the United States. 

Computer programming and game design are creative outlets for Ontario. Moreover, he’s consistently been drawn to cutting edge mobile technology and the new experiences it enables, like augmented reality gaming. The opportunities for creation and innovation drive him.

Midway through his career, Ontario underwent a tidal shift in perspective. When a much-respected leader at his church suggested that computer games and VR simulations should always be edifying, it struck a chord. Ontario promptly switched gears, committing himself to developing educational software over ephemeral entertainments. In short order, he began working on children’s learning games and museum exhibit companion apps, among other illuminating programs.

Augment Therapy represents the next step on this journey. Ontario sees Augment Therapy as a way of combining his love for game design and augmented reality apps. By applying these technologies in concert to improve pediatric health, Augment Therapy presents an opportunity to continue doing meaningful work for the children who need it most.

Even when he’s not on the job, Ontario strives to edify and inspire. In his quality time with his family, he makes an effort to teach his children computer programming and to evoke their creativity through art projects. The iPhone isn’t his only creative outlet, as he plays the tuba, piano, and guitar. He and his family also like to travel, and Ontario and his wife are on a perpetual quest to find the world’s finest hot chocolate.

We’re glad that Ontario has arrived at Augment Therapy, and we’re excited to have him on the team!