To a child, Augment Therapy plays like a videogame. For you, the therapist, Augment Therapy works as a powerful tool.

Did you know that Augment Therapy can be used to create programs for in-clinic or home use? It’s true. With Augment Therapy, a therapist can generate engaging, interactive exercise programs tailored to an individual child. Step count, hand count, active exercise time, and other metrics are recorded, and can be accessed and reviewed by the therapist at any time.

Therapeutic exercise can be a painful process for children and their families, and pediatric therapists share in this, too. We typically operate on the assumption that kids will not carry out their prescribed exercises at home and know that clinical sessions may be the only chance a child has to do their exercises. In the midst of a pandemic, the home exercise program is more crucial to the therapeutic process than ever before, as many children are unable to attend their regular sessions due to clinic closures or quarantine measures. 

Augment Therapy’s home programs encourage kids to get their therapeutic homework done. With Augment Therapy, therapists have the tools to create home programs with ease. It’s as simple as logging into the Augment Therapy app on your Apple device, or into the telehealth portal on your computer, clicking on your patient’s name, and then opening up the “program creator.” In the program creator, you can select from an extensive library of evidence-based exercises and interactive games. You can then choose the amount of times per week you’d like the patient to complete a program, as well as the level of instruction and number of repetitions for each exercise. You can easily add and remove exercises, and you can change their order at any time with an effortless drag-and-drop feature. When you’re done, click “save.”

The next time the patient logs in, the program will appear on their home screen, outlining the exercises that the child needs to do. After completing the program, the patient can access the entire suite of exercises and games. 

Programs can also be used for in-person sessions. Simply create a program and then press play. Augment Therapy will engage the child and lead them through the exercises, allowing you to concentrate on providing therapy and documenting the session. 

To a child, Augment Therapy plays like a videogame. For you, the therapist, Augment Therapy works as a powerful tool. Whether in the home or the clinic, Augment Therapy engages kids in a fun environment, motivating them to see their exercise program through to completion. As children become immersed in augmented-reality worlds, Augment Therapy collects valuable data so that you can focus on refining and optimizing their therapy experience. Try it out and see why we believe that therapy can be painless.